Phangasm A Hardcore Phantasm Parody

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Phangasm A Hardcore Phantasm Parody

Phangasm A Hardcore Phantasm Parody

Genre: Anal, BDSM, big dick, Black, BlowBang, Blowjob, Bondage, brunet, Corporal Punishment, directorspicks, Double Penetration, fake boobs, foreskin, Gangbang, Latinx, muscular, Parody, Role Play, Rough Sex, shaped, shaved, slim, Squirting, Stud, switch, Tattoo, versatile

Description: Sadie Santana and her cohort of thick, burly men have come to visit The Tall Man for revenge! This mysterious, evil being is awoken by their presence, and sends his equally mysterious and evil silver balls to punish them one by one! As Gage, Jon Jon, and Mr. Pete are each placed under the spell of The Balls, only Sadie is left, roaming the halls terrified and alone! Suddenly coming upon her ball-addled former-friends, the lovely Miss Santana is taken down! As The Tall Man approaches, promising to let Sadie free if she makes him and his puppets cum, she stares fear in the face and says, “Bring it!” And bring it they do! Intense squirting orgasms, double penetration, tons and tons of hardcore anal, and - spoiler alert - Sadie does make them cum, all over her grinning, satisfied, phan-gasmmed face.


Format: mp4
Time: 00:56:06
Size: 2063.73 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

Categories: Role Play
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