The Power Of Their Disguises!

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The Power Of Their Disguises!

The Power Of Their Disguises!

Genre: Acrylic Plug, Anal, Anal Fingering, Big Natural Tits, Big Tits, Bizarre, blond, Brunette, Facesitting, fake boobs, High Heels, Latex, Lesbian, Mask, Medical Fetish, Nurse, slim

Description: The byways of sexuality are many, with each little stream of sensuality emerging into a river of unique thoughts, and then tributing into an ocean of new experiences. With this in mind, we welcome you to Latex Lucy’s Clinic of Kink, where this legendary lady in her red latex introduces Eva Parcker, in her black latex, into a vista of vibrant play. From the moment their red lips kiss through the holes in their face masks, to the unsheathing of breasts in their costumes and the fervent sucking of nipples, we are witness to a bizarre spectacle of masked maidens indulging their otherwise normal needs while wearing costumes that make them into figments of surrealistic wet dreams. Eva licks at Lucy’s labia, and Lucy returns the favor; these are natural acts, nothing unusual, but they are sent into “the stratosphere of the new” by, for example, the bright lines of Lucy’s red seamed stockings, and the dangerous red and black heels both ladies wear. But things finally move more into the fringe realm when a large glass funnel is inserted into Lucy, and a metal probe is slid into Eva’s asshole; and then we see that the disguises that women wear can indeed affect their actions, as they shift from typical lesbian fun into the high gear of the unusual!


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Time: 00:26:21
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Categories: Lesbian
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