Welter Weight Season 12 championship Bout

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Welter Weight Season 12 championship Bout

Welter Weight Season 12 championship Bout

Genre: Anal, Brunette, Champion, Domination, Facesitting, fake boobs, Fingering, Humiliation, Latinx, Lesbian, LezDom, muscular, natural boobs, shaped, shaved, Strap On, Tattoo, Vaginal Penetration, white

Description: We are well into season 13 but we still have the championship for Welter weight and Lightweight titles for season 12 to be released. If you are lucky enough to catch out night shows ( typically on the 3rd friday of the month) then you already caught this match. Izamar and Kara have wrestled many times before and Kara has always bested Izamar. However Izamar has been training and she has studied how Ariel beat Kara and she believes she is going to take back her title as Welter Weight Champion. Kara utterly destroyed Izamar in the Summer Vengeance finales where Izamar was only able to get 2 points on Kara. Today Kara’s plan is to have Izamar score 0 points and have her marked the “0” loser she is. The loser if fisted and fucked anally after verbal humiliation puts her in her place.


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Categories: Lesbian
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