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Genre: Anal, Asian, Brunette, Curvy, Domination, Facesitting, Feet, Fingering, Humiliation, Lesbian, LezDom, natural boobs, shaped, shaved, Strap On, Vaginal Penetration

Description: The Dragon totally destroyed her weaker opponent. The Scorpion never had a chance, as the Dragons fingers were in her pussy early and often. The Dragon even get the Scorpion to cum during wrestling right at the buzzer.
After totally dominating the match, the Dragon gives the Scorpion a brutal strap-on fucking and gets the Scorpion to squirt twice. The Dragon then makes her weaker opponent suck her feet and toes then rides her face until she cums in an explosive orgasm.


Format: mp4
Time: 00:44:32
Size: 996.75 MB
Resolution: 1280x720

Categories: Foot Fetish
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